The story of our origin:

As a Principal and the CFO of a leading national maritime design and engineering firm, our founders Mike and Peter were discussing over lunch one day how client engagement, strategic planning and pursuit of new opportunities are often hindered by the daily demands of basic administration and back office duties. This not only slows growth, but can also take a toll on both family life and professional passion. Their discussion soon lead to the idea that small firms could solve this problem at an affordable cost by pooling their resources to hire and share experienced support staff. While researching their “new” idea, they found that while many such options exist for lawyers, doctors and even computer programmers, none were focused on serving the unique and specific needs of the Architecture, Engineering, Design and Construction (AEC) community. Recognizing the importance of this service to our industry, in 2017 Mike and Peter established SeeSaw Services LLC.

SeeSaw Services presently employs a team of 10 dedicated professionals providing high value accounting, bookkeeping, administrative and HR support solely to the AEC industry. Each of our employees have an AEC industry background and the essential skills necessary to support the unique needs of each of our clients. Interested in learning more about our team? Click here.

We are often asked, “What’s with the name?” The origin of our name was loosely derived from the acronyms formed by our AEC market focus and the services we offer. Ultimately, we selected SeeSaw because it is symbolic of our mission and commitment to those we serve. Much like an actual seesaw, we work in rhythm with each of our clients toward a common goal.  We help to facilitate a work/life balance that most fail to achieve alone.

Seesaws are typically found in parks and other spaces where communities gather. Together, our clients form a community of like minded professionals who share similar goals and ambitions. What better symbol of teamwork, balance and an active vibrant community than a SeeSaw?

Yours in Success,

Mike and Peter